Black sun is a natural phenomenon that can only be experienced twice a year. Spring and autumn. Black sun is experience we all think at least once must experience!

This video just adds a fraction of the magical and artistic natural phenomenon:


Black sun with overnight stay

If you would like to enrich yourself with this unique and absolutely amazing experience, you will benefit from staying with us.


When is there black sun?

The starlings draw in the spring from February to mid-April, and in autumn they begin in August and can sometimes last all the way to December. If you want to be absolutely sure, please contact us and we can give a very specific answer.


Where to see black sun?

You can actually see black sun in many places in southern and western Jutland, but the largest and most beautiful takes place in Tøndermarsken, with over 1.2 million starlings.

Here is an overview of places to see black sun, as well as the estimated number of starlings.

Black sun places from the Danish Nature Agency