Experience the flocks of starlings

We all know the starling, the lively bird that nests in wooden boxes. But surely only very few of us have been able to watch a huge flock of starlings performing their “Black Sun“.

But the best is: Autumn is beginning and not only the guests meet here in the Wadden Sea, but also thousands upon thousands of starlings. Every evening the starlings gather and settle on the marsh meadows.
This unique natural spectacle is called the black sun “Sort Sol” in Denmark.

Our environment is perfect for observing these huge swarms. You can book a guided tour in Højer, or visit the roosting places of the starlings by bike, car or mobile home to marvel at this natural spectacle.

You can get tips from us on site.

Further information

It’s hard to believe, but the flock of birds photographed consists of thousands of starlings. There are almost no words to describe this natural phenomenon – the aerial ballet “Black Sun“. Pictures are also not sufficient. You just have to see it with your own eyes, you have to hear it.

This magnificent natural wonder is known as the “Black Sun” (Sort Sol) by Southwest Jutlanders. Every spring and fall, up to a million starlings gather in the heights above the marsh. A natural spectacle that is second to none.

Book now!

Secure your spot with us now to be part of this breathtaking natural spectacle. Everyone must experience the “Black Sun” at least once.

The tranquility of nature is balm for the soul and the dance of the starlings makes you forget all your worries.

If you are interested, you can book directly here or contact us by phone or email.

Tel.: +45 92 44 43 43
Email: kontakt@vadehavscamping.dk


We look forward to seeing you!

Your Vadehavscamping team


Always along the Waterkant


After the great success of the oyster tour in the Wadden Sea, we would now like to offer you a bus tour to the oldest town in Denmark: Ribe.

The tour is planned for June 24th, 2023 and of course dogs are also very welcome.


We would like to discover well-known and lesser-known attractions in southern Jutland.

On Saturday, June 24th, 2023, a coach will pick up all whom are interested, at the pitch and invite them on a journey of discovery. This first stop leads to the nearby island of Rømø. If you want, you can visit the “Kommandørgraben” there – an old captain’s yard from the 18th century, which today serves as an outstation of the Danish National Museum and conveys everyday life in the era of Danish whalers.

The journey then continues along the coast via the futuristic Vadehavscenter near Vester Vedsted, which opened only a few years ago. And then the last stop ist – of course – Ribe.

Denmark’s oldest city benefited from Denmark’s most important North Sea port for many centuries. The old town is still rich in churches and merchant houses today. Our German tour guide follows these traces during the guided city tour. It goes to the open-air museum VikingeCenter with its reconstructed long houses and the magnificent Riber Cathedral.

Afterwards there will of course be enough time for activities on your own. Around 3 p.m. after our bus tour, we arrive back at our camping pitch, where around 4 p.m. our “Womo-Koch” Ralf heats up the grill on the large covered terrace to end the day appropriately and comfortably. There will be neck steaks and grilled sausages, along with his legendary ratatouille. Guests can bring their own drinks.



Key Data

  • Date: 06/24/2023
  • Price p.P.: 200,- DK (ca. 27,- EUR) without extra entrance fees
  • Minimum number of participants: 20 Persons

If you are interested, you can book by mail or phone.

Phone: +45 92 44 43 43
Email: kontakt@vadehavscamping.dk


We look forward to a nice trip with you!

Your team from Vadehavscamping

Father’s Day tour to the oyster beds


We are pleased to be able to offer you a very special Father’s Day tour this year: a guided oyster tour.

On the Ascension Weekend from May 19th to May 21st, 2023 we offer you a unique arrangement, which includes a stay incl. 2 nights.



The highlight of the weekend is a guided oyster tour, for which we have organized an experienced mudflat guide. On Saturday, May 20th, 2023, we will be picked up by a coach from the pitch and driven to the oyster beds. The departure time from the pitch depends on the tides. On the oyster beds we are shown how the oysters are harvested. We then bring the collected oysters to the coach and return to the pitch.

You will then be shown on the pitch how the oysters are cleaned and opened. The culinary delight follows immediately when we enjoy our “harvest” together: cold with salt and lemon or hot from the grill. Bread and a glass of sparkling wine are of course included.

For those who don’t like oysters, there is a grilled sausage or other alternatives.


The package price per camper or caravan including 2 people is 125,- EUR.

Key Data

  • Date: 05/19 – 05/21/2023
  • 2 nights camper or caravan incl. 2 people)
  • Bread roll service (2x 4 rolls each for breakfast)
  • Bus ride and the guided tour
  • eating the oysters together

The points mentioned in the key data are included in the package price.

Electricity, water and showers have to be paid extra.

Early arrival or extension of stay is possible and costs 140 DKK (approx. 19 EUR) per night per camper/caravan (on a camper site) including 2 people.

Booking and further information please only by phone or e-mail.

For a successful tour we need a minimum number of participants of 10 people. A maximum of 55 people is possible.


We look forward to a nice and social weekend with you!

Your team from Vadehavscamping

E-Mail: kontakt@vadehavscamping.dk
Tel.: +45 92 44 43 43

Big Reopening in 2022

Vadehavscamping under new leadership

We are pleased to announce that the campsite “Vadehavscamping” has been under the management of the new managing director Thomas Hallen since October 1st, 2022.

On this occasion there was a big opening and inauguration celebration between 29.09. and 03.10.22.


Our new and modern lounge was the central point for social conversations. In the evening, our covered terrace served as a meeting point for a relaxed atmosphere. There was also a warming drink or two.

In summary, we can just say that it was a very successful Reopeing-Event. We continue to look forward to a good working relationship with the place and the people in the area and also to every guest who stops and stay a bit to enjoy the idyll of the surrounding area of our campsite.

Thank you very much, guys!

Your team from Vadehavscamping.