We all know the starling, the lively bird that nests in wooden boxes. But surely only very few of us have been able to watch a huge flock of starlings performing their “Black Sun“.

But the best is: Autumn is beginning and not only the guests meet here in the Wadden Sea, but also thousands upon thousands of starlings. Every evening the starlings gather and settle on the marsh meadows.
This unique natural spectacle is called the black sun “Sort Sol” in Denmark.

Our environment is perfect for observing these huge swarms. You can book a guided tour in Højer, or visit the roosting places of the starlings by bike, car or mobile home to marvel at this natural spectacle.

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It’s hard to believe, but the flock of birds photographed consists of thousands of starlings. There are almost no words to describe this natural phenomenon – the aerial ballet “Black Sun“. Pictures are also not sufficient. You just have to see it with your own eyes, you have to hear it.

This magnificent natural wonder is known as the “Black Sun” (Sort Sol) by Southwest Jutlanders. Every spring and fall, up to a million starlings gather in the heights above the marsh. A natural spectacle that is second to none.

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Secure your spot with us now to be part of this breathtaking natural spectacle. Everyone must experience the “Black Sun” at least once.

The tranquility of nature is balm for the soul and the dance of the starlings makes you forget all your worries.

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